Who We Are and
What We Do

Katalogix is a robust and constantly evolving ‘product cataloguing platform’ that enables you to find the right solution for your exact cataloguing needs. Using our flexible and frequently updated platform, the data optimizing service can be tuned the way you like. Any of these option can be chosen from:

  • An all-in-one platform for cleansing/cataloguing of material master data and governance
  • Mobile app enabled solution for cataloguing and governance – both Android and IOS
  • AI powered algorithm to catalogue and cleanse data
  • A platform to integrate with leaders in the ERP market
  • A marketplace of cataloguers to choose from to get the job done
  • Cloud based solution available on a subscription model.
What’s more? You can either use the Katalogix built in dictionary, or you can further simplify the cataloguing process by using your own “Materials Dictionary”, or use the dictionary developed by an expert freelancer for your specific use.

New to Cataloguing?

Most businesses today have archives filled with data – data that has a wealth of value, tremendous potential and depth of information. However, very few businesses have been able to benefit from their data. They need to organise their data in an efficiently accessible manner.

This is where Katalogix steps in! This is exactly the problem that cataloguing (or cataloguing) solves. With a strong cataloguing system in place, your business can unlock the potential of all the data that pertains to your materials. The output of the Katalogix process is an organised database of materials/along with

The data once catalogued can then be sorted, filtered, searched and operated upon in various ways. This is where the true potential of cataloguing is realised. As cataloguing grows and evolves, many new features keep strengthening it to make your data more useful and relevant.

Cataloguing to Global Standards

Data can be catalogued in many, many ways! But, how can you be sure that all your cataloguing work shall not be redundant at some point in the future when platforms get updated, your organisation goes through a major change or when you tie up with an external entity that needs to use your data? To address this, there are various global standards set for cataloguing and many of these are compatible either readily or through certain methods.

Standards such as ISO 8000, ISO 22745, eOTD, eClass and UNSPSC are used globally and adhering to these shall make your cataloguing as relevant and effective in the future as it is when it’s done. When you choose Katalogix as your platform, it is easy to ensure that your data is catalogued as per the latest global standards, at all times.

Why Choose Us

Katalogix provides you today, what you can start using right away and can continue to reap benefits of in the future.
Here are some special features that Katalogix enables for you: